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Thursday September 22, 2011
Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak warns Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty will once more raise taxes if re-elected on Oct. 6.

Pouncing on veteran Liberal MPP Dave Levac’s slip-up Tuesday that “there is a possibility that a carbon tax is on the table,” Hudak said Ontarians should guard their wallets.

“I think Dave Levac spoke the truth,” he said Wednesday at the Brampton home of PC supporters Jaspal and Charanjit Grewal, rejecting Liberal claims that Levac misspoke.

“For families like the Grewals, that’s $500 more on a carbon tax because it’ll put a tax on gas, heat, hydro,” the Tory leader said, referring to how much a levy similar to British Columbia’s carbon tax would cost annually.

To underscore his point — and undermine McGuinty’s credibility — he screened for the couple a DVD of the Grit leader promising in 1998, 2003, 2007 and earlier this month that he would not raise taxes.

Hudak stressed his party opposes a carbon tax, but then repeatedly dodged questions on whether he supports a cap-and-trade system that would enable businesses and jurisdictions to reduce their emissions.

In Belleville, McGuinty moved to limit any political damage, insisting the Liberals would not hike taxes.

“It is not true. We are not moving ahead with a carbon tax,” he said Wednesday at a Kellogg cereal plant. Continued...

Liberals plan ‘carbon tax,’ warn Tories
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