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Thursday February 25, 2010
More than 40 years after the last home in Africville was bulldozed, the City of Halifax said sorry Wednesday for destroying a north-end community that stands as a symbol of the strained relations between Nova Scotia's blacks and whites.

As Mayor Peter Kelly delivered a formal apology and promised $3 million to build a replica church and interpretive centre, some blacks in the crowd yelled, "Give it back!" "Compensation!" and "You forgot the people!" Source...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologized Wednesday for a government program instituted in the 19th century that sent poor children from London's slums overseas to do hard labour in British colonies, including Canada.

"To all those former child migrants and their families, to those here with us today and those across the world, to each and every one, I say we are truly sorry," Brown said in Parliament. Source...

Akio Toyoda, the grandson of the founder of the world's largest automaker, and Yoshimi Inaba, the company's North American president, appeared Wednesday before the House oversight committee to offer an apology and explanation for the defects that have caused their vehicles to sometimes accelerate out of control.

In words and gestures, they were nothing if not contrite. Throughout hours of testimony, Toyoda and Inaba used words such as "shameful" when describing past events, and "modestly" and "humbly" to describe how they will approach their responsibility for safety in the future.

Toyoda reminded the committee that he is in some ways the human embodiment of the car company, and that he, more than anyone, would want to repair the damage Source...

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