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Thursday April 23, 2009
What is Bush throwback Janet Napolitano doing in Barack Obama's cabinet? One of the promises made by the new President, who is making one liberal breakthrough after another, was to end the politics of fear. But as Homeland Security Secretary, Ms. Napolitano is acting like fear personified - it's as if she's in the claws of Dick Cheney.

She was still suggesting this week that the 9/11 terrorists made their way across the Canadian border, despite the contrary having been publicly acknowledged dozens of times. This has even aroused our quiet man in Washington, Ambassador Michael Wilson, to arrange a private meeting with her to set the record straight.

Mr. Wilson and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have the right to be adamant on this file. The endless U.S. angst over security has led to a ramping-up of the border, which has cut into Can-Am commerce. It has led to the introduction of passport requirements, even though we're now almost eight years beyond 9/11. Canadians still have to take off their shoes for inspections at airports because - no telling what damage a pair of wingtips might do - there might be bombs hidden away in the leather.

Ms. Napolitano and others have repeatedly cited the case of the so-called millennium bomber, Ahmed Ressam, who had a trunkload of bomb-making materials when he tried to cross over from British Columbia. That was a decade ago. Mr. Ressam was caught - at the border. The system worked, as it has when other suspected terrorists have tried that route. Source.

Napolitano needs to check her facts
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