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Tuesday September 16, 2008
Behind the scenes, Liberals worry about a "loosey-goosey" operation that staggered out of the gate, minus an airplane, to sell a complicated Green Shift plan that bears the heavy stamp of Stéphane Dion, professor. Nobody seems to have even Googled the name to see if it was taken.

"I wish we had one," says the Ottawa-based Liberal veteran, when asked who's the party equivalent of Conservative powerhouse Doug Finley. "There's nobody – nobody in charge, except Dion, and he isn't listening."

Liberals say there are talented people in senior positions – Smith, Mark Marissen, Gordon Ashworth, Herb Metcalfe – but that Dion runs his own show, eschewing advice.

"Dion is in another friggin' world," says a Toronto Liberal MP. "I could go on ad nauseam about how he won't listen to anybody.

"He's not a political animal and he just doesn't get it."

These Liberals shrug off reminders that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is praised for being a decisive leader. "Yeah, but Dion is dragging us down," says the MP.

"Our operation works very well," counters Liberal national campaign co-chair Smith. "We have a director who reports to three campaign chairs from different parts of the country, because our party understands that Canada is a big, diverse country." More...

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Stumbling campaign angers Liberals
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