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Tuesday September 8, 2008
North of the border, it's more of the same - four aging white guys who led their parties in the last Parliament once again making the same old appeals to election-weary Canadian voters.

South of the border, it's the American election of a lifetime, featuring not just an eloquent young senator aiming to be the first black president in U.S. history, but now the youngest woman to make it onto a presidential ticket.

Polls have repeatedly shown that Canadians are riveted by the drama of the U.S. vote. And more than a few of them are suffering election envy.

"I know there's an election in October, but I can't be bothered to learn any more about it, especially when it seems like the prime minister never wants to tell us anything," Tanya Escobar, a Toronto stay-at-home mother, said Sunday of the election call.

"But the American election is hard to tear myself away from. History is in the making no matter which way it goes. It just makes ours seem so meaningless and boring by comparison; just the same old, same old. I'd love it if we had some actual personalities with something to say trying to win the election."

Escobar is not alone. Even those who will be competing with Barack Obama and John McCain for attention admitted they find the U.S. election fascinating. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday that he was enthralled by the American race. More...

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US election making Canada's seem tedious
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