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August 19 - 26, 2008
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will spend the "next few weeks" contemplating whether or not to call an election.

Harper, in Hamilton for a health-care funding announcement, says Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is balking at toppling the minority Conservatives because he's worried about the polls.

Harper calls that irresponsible, and says recent polls make it clear the next government will likely be another minority, regardless of whether it's formed by the Tories or the Liberals.

He says it's also clear none of the opposition parties intend to hold out until the fixed election date, which is October 2009.

Harper says he will spend the next few weeks analyzing the situation and determining whether or not the Tories can have a productive fall session of Parliament.

The prime minister is currently on a three-day visit to Ontario, which is shaping up as a key battleground in any upcoming federal campaign.. More...

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Harper mulls whether to call election
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