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Thursday July 24, 2008
We haven’t seen a lot of Stéphane Dion since he popped up at the Calgary Stampede in the obligatory cowboy hat and jeans, but perhaps we should be sending someone out to track him down. It seems he’s bordering on the delusional.

Canadian Press, which tracked him down to a hotel in Ottawa on Wednesday, reports that the Liberal leader claims Canadians are keener than ever on going to the polls.

“Canadians hungry for an election this fall: Dion”, says the headline on CTV, which admittedly was probably not written by Mr. Dion.

But a quote from the man himself backs up the headline.

“We have seen over the winter and the spring more and more interest for federal politics,” it has him telling reporters. “And more and more appetite for an election.”

Hmmm. Mr. Dion must be going on highly confidential internal polls, because if there’s a clamour across the land for a chance to spend $300 million or so on a general election, it’s not apparent to us unschooled observers. More...

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An Appetite for an election?
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