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Friday December 28, 2007
There's an old saying: "the personal is political." A seemingly insatiable public appetite to learn of the personal goings-on of political figures such as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the late dictator Saddam Hussein kept Canadian searchers busy this year.

What's more, in a year that presented a smorgasbord of elections to choose from as voters from seven of the country's provinces and territories - from the Northwest Territories to Newfoundland and Labrador - casting their ballots, even two political parties - the Ontario Liberals and the NDP - cracked our 2007 News Search top 10 list.

But it was the headline-grabbing Liberal MP Belinda Stronach who earned the number one spot in our list. And what a year it's been for this floor-crossing, goon-dating (allegedly), noisemaking billionaire politico. After suffering through accusations of breaking up Tie Domi's marriage and allegedly being referred to as a dog by scorned ex-love Peter McKay in 2006, Belinda remained buzz-worthy throughout 2007.

First came the demise of her rumoured affair with Domi, followed by speculation over whether she would run for the Grit leadership, discovering in June that she has breast cancer and her announcement that she'd be retiring from politics at the next election. She also turned heads after changing her trademark blond locks to brown.

In a distant second place was the Ontario general election - no doubt spurred by the white-hot debate over PC leader John Tory's failed controversial proposal to fund faith-based schools.

And what News Search would be complete without... Paris Hilton? The "celebutante's" nightlife escapades with the recently divorced Britney Spears followed by the media circus around her string of "un-hot" driving violations and the subsequent jail time of 22 days.

Finally, the tragic shooting rampage at Virginia Tech this past April echoed an equally tragic school shooting on Canadian soil the previous fall. Searches for Virginia Tech and Dawson College ranks 5th and 6th respectively.

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