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Saturday December 21, 2007
His first home was 24 Sussex Drive. But does Justin Trudeau, classically handsome and turning 36 on Christmas Day, have anything to say that could eventually return him there?

The son of the late Pierre Trudeau, the former prime minister with whom Canadians have long been obsessed, has become a star attraction for the Liberal party ever since he won the nomination in the Montreal riding of Papineau.

People, thinking well into the dynastic future, have been searching for a sense of his vision for the country and Canada's "natural governing party."

Slowly but surely he's beginning to reveal himself. Some say it's "like father, like son." But others say it's a cheap facsimile.

Either way, that didn't stop 250 people from paying $200 each to see him last night at the University Club, a fundraiser for the Liberal Party of Canada and Trudeau's bid for a seat in parliament. He is now perhaps the most glamorous element the party – unsure of its current leader Stéphane Dion and floundering in opposition – has going for it.

"It shows how desperate the party has become," said author Peter C. Newman, who followed the elder Trudeau closely. "But having said that he may indeed prove himself. It's too early to say that he hasn't or that he can't."

Trudeau was introduced by a video montage with the none too subtle title: "The Way Forward." Source...

Trudeau takes centre stage at fundraiser
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