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Tuesday October 30, 2007
Ontario's outgoing finance minister said Monday he has no regrets about leaving his post as the premier's right-hand man after spending one of the most relaxing weekends he's had in a long time pressing apples with his grown son.

Greg Sorbara, who stunned colleagues and observers by leaving cabinet Friday, said he has missed the autumn tradition four years in a row and enjoyed taking part this year with his grandchildren.

"It was a really relaxing moment,'' the 61-year-old Liberal heavyweight who orchestrated the party's second majority said as he headed into his last caucus meeting as a cabinet minister.

"I truly loved my work. ... It was the greatest honour of my life. On the other hand, there is an anticipation of doing something somewhat different with the next seven years of my life.''

Premier Dalton McGuinty's new cabinet will be sworn in Tuesday, and Sorbara's departure left a large hole for him to fill. But Sorbara said he's confident it will be filled quickly.

Sorbara said he doesn't have any advice for his successor, but added he's leaving the economy in good hands despite the soaring Canadian loonie and the struggling manufacturing sector. Source...

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Sorbara says he has no regrets about quitting
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