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Saturday October 27, 2007
Deamalgamation apparently isn't completely dead yet as two provincial election candidates stated their support for a binding referendum on the issue at a local debate during the past provincial election campaign.

Liberal incumbent Ted McMeekin, who rose to the MPP job seven years ago out of community angst over forced amalgamation, noted his efforts to give more strength to local community councils while NDP candidate Juanita Maldonado went after Mr. McMeekin and his party for making promises but not getting enough done.

But it was Green Party candidate David Januczkowski, a veteran of two federal campaigns under the Green banner, who first raised the deamalgamation idea.

"I would work towards getting a referendum question on the next ballot. The Green party believes in decentralization," he said. "I would work towards a binding referendum question so we can decide this once and for all. That voice was taken away from you."

Six candidates appeared at the debate hosted by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce's Dundas Division, at the Dundas Community Centre. Mr. McMeekin, Progressive Conservative Chris Corrigan, Ms. Maldonado, Mr. Januczkowski, Family Coalition candidate Jim Enos and independent Marty Zuliniak were heard by more than 100 residents. Source...

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Deamalgamation still a hot topic
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