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Tuesday September 11, 2007
It would be the most radical change in close to a century in the way we elect provincial politicians.

To find out what people think about the Ontario referendum being held a month from today, the Toronto Star stopped 50 people at Yonge & Bloor Sts. -- Just one person knew about it.

Only three others were interested enough to listen to what was being proposed.

On Oct. 10, in addition to voting for the next provincial government, Ontarians will be asked if they want to keep the traditional way of electing MPPs or opt for a new mixed-member proportional system that advocates argue will more fairly represent voters' wishes.

"I don't know anything about it" and the ever-popular "huh?" were the most common responses to questions about what people thought about the referendum.

This is all a bit depressing for many on the 104-member Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform who spent months studying electoral systems before choosing mixed-member proportional as the best option for Ontario.

Those who like it say it will give small parties a realistic shot at seats in the Legislature.

Those who dislike it say it will destabilize Ontario with never-ending minority governments. Source...

Electoral reform on ballot? Who knew?
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