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Friday August 31, 2007
Several Greenpeace activists who boarded a coal-carrying bulk ore carrier on Lake Erie en route to a power plant in Nanticoke, Ont., have now chained themselves to the ship.

Spokeswoman Joslyn Higginson said the five activists who boarded the Algomarine in a bid to delay the delivery of nearly 30,000 tonnes of coal are now bracing for a visit from police.

She says a police boat arrived shortly after activists Dominique Du Sablon, 20, of Toronto, and Charlie Latimer, 25, of Vancouver, chained themselves to the discharge room.

Ms. Higginson says that particular area is where the unloading of coal takes place.

She said a third activist, Emily-Elizabeth Storey, 22, of Toronto, chained herself to the rear of the vessel, making movement of the ship more difficult.

The peaceful protest is aimed at drawing attention to the facility, which is one of several coal-fired plants that Greenpeace says are Ontario's largest contributors to global warming.

The activists arrived at the vessel early Thursday aboard an inflatable craft launched from the Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise, a former icebreaker. Source...

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Activists board, chain themselves to coaler
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