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The Hamilton Spectator
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Friday August 3, 2007
Hamilton hockey fans had their hopes up and Kansas City's brand new rink is still looking for a tenant, but both communities will have to wait for NHL hockey because the Nashville Predators aren't going anywhere.

A local group of owners headed by David Freeman, chief executive officer of 36 Venture Capital, and Herb Fritch, chief executive officer of Healthspring, boosted by a significant investment from California businessman William (Boots) Del Biaggio, have signed a letter of intent with Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold to buy the team for US$193-million.

"Our belief as a local group, is that given a second chance, Nashville will support this team," Freeman said during a press conference to announce the deal.

The group made a US$10-million deposit yesterday. The final details of the agreement have yet to be finalized, but Leipold hopes it will be closed by the end of September.

"We've certainly, as they say, put our money where our mouth is today. And we expect the best," Freeman said. The new ownership group will consist of seven Nashville business leaders, plus Del Biaggio. Five of the members of the ownership group have decided to remain anonymous for now. Source...

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Predators won't be packing their bags
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