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Friday July 20, 2007
A Chicago federal judge on Thursday allowed convicted media tycoon Conrad Black to remain free pending his November sentencing but declined to let him return to his native Canada.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve restricted Black's travels to the Chicago area and southern Florida, where he owns a beachfront mansion.

The ruling was a compromise between placing Black in jail as federal prosecutors wanted and giving him complete freedom. St. Eve said she does not think Black is "going to run and hide," but indicated she's not entirely convinced Black will return to Chicago for sentencing.

St. Eve said she would reconsider Black's request to live in Toronto if his lawyers can provide more assurances that he will not start an extradition fight when it is his time to be sentenced. She continued to hold his passport and scheduled another hearing on the matter for Aug. 1.

"I think the judge is a very reasonable woman," Edward Genson, one of Black's attorneys, said after the hearing. Source...

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Black to remain out on bail