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The Hamilton Spectator
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Saturday, April 14, 2007
The mayor is calling on Councillor Bob Bratina to apologize for hurling his pen across council chambers -- just the latest incident of crumbling council decorum.

Tirades, threats and toe-to-toe confrontations have become almost a daily occurrence at City Hall over the past few weeks. There's fear among councillors that the behaviour is so out of control it's getting in the way of decision making.

Tensions peaked at Wednesday night's televised council meeting when Bratina threw his pen across the room, narrowly missing Brian McHattie's head. He was upset that the mayor signalled for him to wrap up a speech. He then walked out of the room.

"It's inappropriate," said Mayor Fred Eisenberger, who asked Bratina to apologize on Thursday. "He agreed."

On Friday, Bratina apologized for his pen chuck at a budget meeting. He explained he thought the mayor was laughing at him when he was trying to make a speech. He also said he regrets his vulgar outburst at Councillor Lloyd Ferguson and will voluntarily give up $1000 pay to a charity as a self-sanction. Source...

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