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Thursday December 21, 2006
Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty accused the NDP on Tuesday of using unprecedented stalling tactics and theatrics to delay a 25-per-cent salary hike for provincial legislators.

New Democrats have been colourful in expressing their anger over the pay boost for members of the provincial parliament, announced in a surprise move by McGuinty's government last week. The NDP has been trying to force the related bill to a committee for public hearings.

The provincial legislature had been scheduled to rise on Dec. 14, but the government announced it would sit another week in an effort to pass the pay hike.

Before a Liberal caucus meeting Tuesday, McGuinty invited Ontarians to "grab some popcorn" to watch the NDP's performance.

"…It is really without precedent in the annals of parliamentary traditions," he said of the New Democrats tactics.

The legislation would see the MPPs earning 75 per cent of what their federal counterparts make and would increase a member's base salary to $110,775 from $88,771. Source...

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McGuinty accuses NDP of theatrics over pay hike