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The Hamilton Spectator
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Tuesday December 19, 2006
The Ontario Provincial Police intervened in force twice on the weekend, once Saturday, once yesterday, to prevent protests by town residents and outsiders from leading to confrontations.

The force and the province are adopting an increasingly tough line with those from outside of Caledonia attempting to organize protests related to the continued occupation by natives of the former Douglas Creek Estates housing development.

Yesterday, police intervened to prevent protesters from provoking a confrontation after one member of a group reacting to the alleged vandalism of a house bordering the land appeared intent on removing a native flag. This followed Saturday's protest, when OPP officers arrested two men, both from outside the community, who had organized a flag-waving rally.

Gary McHale from Richmond Hill was detained for breach of the peace, as he approached the disputed land, waving a Canadian flag. Another man, Mark Vandermaas, of London, Ont., was also arrested. Both were later released without being charged with any offence. Source...

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Two protesters arrested at Caledonia rally