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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Michael Ignatieff found a way on the weekend to demonstrate to federal Liberals just how much muscle he has developed within their party since being elected a few short months ago.

In doing so, however, the leadership front-runner may also be putting his party on a road some members think is a very high-risk place to go.

Already well ahead in Quebec, Mr. Ignatieff and his organization imprinted themselves on the provincial wing by persuading its members to back his notion to recognize Quebec as a nation.

If successful, the strategy could help win Mr. Ignatieff the leadership and, in a national election, challenge Prime Minister Stephen Harper's efforts to take the wavering federalist vote in the province. But it also carries the promise of difficulty for those Liberals who don't particularly like the idea of resurrecting such a divisive national debate.

"It's driven by the need that the Liberal Party has to have something interesting to say to Quebeckers," said a senior unaligned Liberal who attended the weekend meetings and subsequent leadership debate Saturday night.

"But I'm frankly torn over whether this is the antidote to that. I think it's playing with fire and I say that as someone who lived intimately through Meech/Charlottetown." Source.

Ignatieff's Quebec strategy fraught with risk