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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
A potentially explosive rally in Caledonia didn't ignite yesterday, with just 400 marchers and five arrests.

The rally by non-natives, which organizer Gary McHale said may bring 20,000 people, was largely peaceful.

OPP said they arrested three men about to cross a police line, about 300 metres from where Six Nations people held a potluck. Two of the arrested were from Caledonia, one from Barrie. Two drunk women were also arrested and charges were pending last night.

The 1 p.m. event began with speeches by McHale and others on a grassy knoll behind the Lions Club Hall. A march went to Notre Dame Catholic elementary school then splintered.

McHale hoped to highlight the "two-tier" justice of letting occupiers stay on Douglas Creek Estates, while non-native residents can't go there.

But it didn't see the clash many expected, due in part to McHale's revised route, which avoided the site.

McHale said he wasn't disappointed by the turnout, and never claimed to represent a large organization. He and his wife organized the march with a website and passed a collection bucket yesterday to keep the site running. More...

Caledonia Rally Fails to Ignite