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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Joe Volpe has said he expects to win leadership of Canada`s Liberal Party and go on to form the country`s next federal government.

Volpe, who served as Cabinet minister under former Prime Minister Paul Martin, dismissed allegations that his campaign paid for party memberships in Quebec as the 'hurly-burly' of politics, the Toronto Star reported Tuesday. Volpe`s team recruited 4,300 members in Quebec before the July deadline.

Findings from a federal Liberal Party investigation into the allegations are expected to be released later in the week.

'In all campaigns these occurrences are not uncommon,' Volpe said.

Volpe, an Italian-Canadian, claimed to be the target of an ethnicity-based smear campaign. He said his heritage prevented him from winning the endorsement of the party 'establishment.'

Liberals in 308 areas are scheduled to begin voting Friday for the 'Super Weekend' to decide which party delegated will attend the leadership convention in November. source

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Joe Volpe expects to be Liberal leader