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Thursday, September 7, 2006
Fred Eisenberger, the former city councillor and Port Authority chair, announced yesterday that he will take on Larry Di Ianni in the upcoming mayor's race.

Since Brad Clark is now running for council instead of mayor, Eisenberger will likely have the field to himself as the only name candidate opposing Di Ianni.

The other registered mayoral candidates -- Keith Beck, Diane Elms and Michael Baldasaro -- pose no threat to either of them.

And the only other recognizable candidate still hovering on the sidelines is Flamborough Councillor Dave Braden.

If Braden does finally shuffle in, he'll peck away at Di Ianni on the debating circuit, so that could actually help Eisenberger, who needs to cobble together a broad coalition of disgruntled and anyone-but-Di Ianni voters.

On the other hand, if Braden doesn't run for mayor but stays true to his word that he intends to step aside as the councillor in Ward 14, that leaves room for yet more new blood on council.

The deadline for registering as a candidate is Sept. 29. source

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The Mayoral Race heats up