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The Hamilton Spectator
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Tuesday June 6, 2006
An Opposition motion calling for an inquiry into the Ontario government's handling of an aboriginal occupation in Caledonia, Ont., passed unexpectedly Monday after the Conservatives caught the governing Liberals with their guard down.

The motion called for an inquiry into what the Opposition considers Liberal "procrastination'' to resolve the months-long standoff between aboriginal protesters, police and local residents at a construction site near Hamilton that protesters say sits on aboriginal land.

Despite the motion, Attorney General Michael Bryant said late Monday the government will not hold a public inquiry, pointing out it would interfere with legal proceedings and negotiations with Six Nations protesters.

"No government would call for a public inquiry whilst the parties were in the thick of negotiations to resolve this matter,'' he said in an interview.

"No government could call for a public inquiry while matters were outstanding before the courts.''

Bryant could not say if an inquiry could eventually be called.

"The courts have held that even speculating about calling a public inquiry can interfere with matters,'' he said. Source. This way to my NEW BLOG.

Opposition wins motion for Caledonia inquiry