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Friday June 2, 2006
Liberal leadership candidate Joe Volpe denies he contravened a ban on corporate donations by accepting 20 contributions worth $108,000 from former and current Apotex pharmaceutical company executives, their wives and children — two of them 11-year-old twins — but he’s returning $27,000 from five children.

“After a review it was determined that five contributions from persons under the age 18 will be returned, totalling $27,000,” Volpe said in a statement.

“All the donations for our campaign have been in compliance with the law. We wanted to clear the air and public perception.”

Volpe’s announcement came after several days in which he and Steve MacKinnon, the national Liberal party director, rejected allegations by NDP MP Pat Martin that the donations from a group of 20 Apotex-related adults and children violate the leadership financing rules of the Elections Act.

MacKinnon welcomed Volpe’s decision to refund the five donations, each at the maximum of $5,400, saying it’s “in the best interests of his own candidacy and obviously that of the Liberal party.”

At the same time, MacKinnon emphasized the minimum age for Liberal party membership and for voting in the leadership election is 14. Source. This way to my NEW BLOG.

Volpe says donations from children did not violate rules