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The Hamilton Spectator
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Wednesday May 31, 2006
A judge is demanding the OPP and province explain why they haven't enforced his order to end a native occupation of Douglas Creek Estates and lift the barricades on nearby railway tracks where protesters burned down a bridge last month.

Ontario Superior Court Justice David Marshall has taken the highly unusual step of ordering the OPP, the attorney general of Ontario, natives, the developers and other parties to a special court session Thursday to explain why his orders are being flouted.

It's not clear what effect it will have on the ongoing negotiations to end the dispute.

Osgoode Hall law professor Alan Young said he can't remember another instance when a judge has taken the initiative of pressing for the enforcement of his own order. He added judges usually assume their orders will be obeyed and maintain an "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" attitude toward enforcement.

"The reason for this unusual step is because there are injunctive and other orders of this court that remain outstanding," Marshall said. "The Superior Court of Justice has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that peace in the community is maintained under the rule of law -- hence this court calls the parties in order to further resolution of these matters." Source. This way to my NEW BLOG.

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