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Thursday April 27, 2006
Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer was dumped yesterday as the spokeswoman for her municipality on the Six Nations issue for remarks about aboriginals getting welfare payments.

On the day after a community meeting degenerated into a near-riot, four county council members walked to the barricade on Highway 6 -- erected last week after police swooped in on protesters occupying a disputed piece of land -- and apologized to Six Nations representatives.

"We wish to assure the public that the personal views of the mayor do not reflect the views of Haldimand County Council," said deputy mayor Bob Patterson, who has replaced Ms. Trainer as the municipality's spokesperson on the issue.

Ms. Trainer made the remarks during a television interview yesterday morning from the blockade site, metres away from a group of aboriginals. "They don't have money coming in automatically every month," she said of tradespeople who have lost work on the Douglas Creek estates, land Six Nations claims was stolen. "They have got to work to survive."

Councillor Lorne Boyko, from Dunnville, said the mayor has not been "muzzled." She has a right to speak her mind, he said, but her opinions were not considered in the best interest of the municipality or representative of the views of council. He said Caledonia is getting a bad rap from media coverage of Monday night's three-hour faceoff in which police stopped about 500 people from storming the barricade. Some had been drinking and some yelled racial abuse at the occupiers. (source)

Mayor loses speaking role on Caledonia