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Tuesday April 25, 2006
Former NDP premier of Ontario Bob Rae had made it official: He wants to become the next leader of the federal Liberal Party.

The 57-year-old did so in Toronto on Monday by saying he wanted to talk about the future of the country.

"I am running as a Liberal for the leadership of the Liberal Party because I believe that Canada needs a party that embraces change, that is open ... to all Canadians, that understands that politics is about serving people, it is not about theories or ideologies," he said.

"The Liberal Party of Canada understands that politics works best when we are committed to the middle way to solving problems, to seizing opportunities ...," Rae said.

"I have been attracted to the Liberal Party over the years because it is optimistic, because it builds on hope and not on fear," he said.

In acknowledging the support of two high-profile provincial Liberal politicians from Ontario -- Greg Sorbara and Health Minister George Smitherman -- Rae said he'd been made to feel welcome. "It is an open party, and I can assure you that under my leadership, it will become even more open to all Canadians as we strive to move forward," he said.

Rae joined the Liberals a few weeks ago, a move many believed would lead to him throwing his hat into the leadership race. (source)

Bob Rae announces Liberal leadership bid