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Wednesday March 8, 2006
Mayor Larry Di Ianni will answer to a judge for breaking
election financing rules in his quest to be Hamilton's leader.

City council made legal history yesterday, voting 12-1 to
charge Di Ianni for violating the Municipal Elections Act.

The decision came as vindication for citizen activist Joanna
Chapman, who has fought for nearly two years to see the
election of 2003 scrutinized.

"I'm very happy to see they were prepared to make what
must have been an incredibly hard decision," she said. "The
evidence is compelling ... I'm sure that they will make the
right decision in court."

In a speech to his solemn colleagues after the vote, Di Ianni
said he was pleased that the issue is out of the political
arena and before the courts to be judged solely on the facts.

"I will take my lumps if I have to take my lumps."

The mayor returned nearly $26,000 in illegal donations
from his $330,000 mayoral campaign after his own
investigation and a court-ordered audit. He says any
violations were honest mistakes by a volunteer-driven
Di Ianni Called to Account
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