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Wednesday January 25, 2006
Decades of Liberal representation came to an end in
Hamilton on Monday as voters sent New Democrats and
Tories to Ottawa.

The election marked the first time in 44 years that the
southwestern Ontario city won't send at least one Liberal
MP to the House of Commons.

In the highest profile race, government House Leader Tony
Valeri lost his Hamilton East-Stoney Creek seat to NDP
challenger Wayne Marston.

Although Valeri won the seat in 2004, his fate may have
been sealed even before that election, when he got into an
ugly nomination battle with fellow Liberal Sheila Copps.
Paul Martin refused to intervene when the veteran MPs
both set their sights on the same seat following a riding

In neighbouring ridings, Hamilton Mountain and
Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale both fell Monday
(to the New Democrats and Conservatives respectively)
after years as Liberal strongholds.

NDP incumbent Dave Christopherson held on to his
Hamilton Centre seat, while four-term Liberal MP Paddy
Torsney was defeated in Burlington by Tory Mike Wallace.
Hamilton voters desert Liberals
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