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Friday, November 18, 2005
Councillor Bob Bratina says the City of Hamilton is too big and he is going to ask council to look at restructuring the city.

He doesn't know whether it should involve deamalgamation, but said last night, "I think we have to revisit the whole question and make sure that people are comfortable with whatever structure they're in, whether it's a restructuring or a cessation or whatever."

"I don't like amalgamation," the Ward 2 councillor told a Spectator reporter. "I don't think it's worked and I think it needs to be looked at. I've got no formal proposal. I just want to see that the right thing is done."

Bratina made his suggestion at a meeting of the Committee to Free Flamborough, which is trying to get the former town out of Hamilton. The new city was created five years ago when Hamilton and its five suburbs were amalgamated.

His proposal was condemned by Mayor Larry Di Ianni, who accused Bratina of playing "dangerous politics" by talking about division in the community.

"I don't think this is a very good idea from a councillor whose job it is to make the system work," the mayor said. Noting Bratina has only been on council since October 2004, Di Ianni said, "He's given up on that effort even before he's got his feet wet. He's a rookie councillor."

Bratina told the gathering there was no reason the city can't start this month on looking at the restructuring question. He said the former Hamilton has enough troubles to consume its energies and that the other communities remain separate.

Bratina says city needs to be restructured
The Hamilton Spectator
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