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Bush Wins II
Well, well, well, can you hear it? Can you hear the crying and pouting of Sarah Jessica Parker, Bruce Springstein, and baby Huey himself, Michael Moore.

I love the idea that fatboy Moore made a movie in hopes people will vote against Bush, yet Bush has 4 more years under his wing. Was Moore's movie a failure? Obviously, yes, it is a complete failure. Even voters who didn't like Bush hated Kerry more.

Hey Michael, do me a favor, get a real job and stop making propaganda about real leaders who support real issues.

You're a failure Michael Moore. Your movie was a failure. Maybe you should be like John Kerry and throw in the towel. Go back to your hometown of Flint, Michigan, continue to think that you have all the answers, and continue to believe that your movies will make a difference

I remember all those interviews he did, the cover of Time magazine where he holds the American flag like a helpless baby. You failed, Michael Moore. You failed, miserably.

Article by Megan Williams Useless Knowledge.com.

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Thursday November 4, 2004