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Sheila's Battle with Martin now on book stands
Sheila Copps' scorching new portrayal of Paul Martin suggests he would have had Canadian soldiers fighting in Iraq while he was undermining medicare and the CBC at home. The former cabinet minister, who resolutely stayed in an unwinnable race for the Liberal leadership against Martin last year, has written Worth Fighting For, a book that depicts the prime minister as a sneaky, self-aggrandizing hypocrite who sabotaged his cabinet colleagues.

The personal barbs aimed at Martin, and particularly, his deputy chief of staff Karl Littler, provoked outrage from the Prime Minister's Office along with a flat denial of all of Copps' accusations.

"Ms. Copps' claims have been thoroughly discredited," said Melanie Gruer, Martin's assistant director of communications. "Not only are they untrue, but she stoops so low as to call the prime minister's deputy chief of staff 'Hitler.' It's impossible to excuse.", wrote London Free Press. Source.

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Saturday October 22, 2004