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Stan Keyes Watches From Home
For federal politicians, losing elections, like getting voted off the island, is an unfortunate fact of life. But being off the menu is something else again.

It is to that second slight that Stan Keyes momentarily turns as he contemplates the many implications of being soundly beaten here by David Christopherson, a former Ontario NDP cabinet minister and failed mayoral candidate who got lots of help in the last federal campaign from disgruntled Sheila Copps Liberals. With a dark little laugh, Keyes, a long-time television newsman and short-time revenue minister says, "Well, I guess they're going to change that menu now."

What Keyes is talking about is The Parliament Pub, an Ottawa eatery that attracts tourists and locals with a splendid patio across the street from the Peace Tower and a menu that in dropping influential names also raises the illusion that diners are rubbing shoulders with movers and shakers. Those just off the bus or stuck on the backbenches can select, say, the Paul Martin Roma Tomato Bruschetta, Stephen Harper's Mixed Baby Greens, or Jack Layton's Coalition of the Unwilling Chicken Caesar Wrap. Source.

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Friday August 13, 2004