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Michael Moore on Canada's election
Controversial US filmmaker Michael Moore has said Canadians would be making a massive mistake and would do US President George W. Bush a favour if they vote the Conservatives into power in their June 28 elections.

``Don't do it to us, ... for the love of God,'' Moore told La Presse ahead of the Canadian release of his new anti-Bush documentary, ``Fahrenheit 9/11.''

The Conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, have a chance of defeating the Liberals, who have been in power for a decade in Ottawa, the latest polls show.

The Conservatives had a narrow lead over Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals just nine days ahead of the vote, according to a poll released Saturday by the Globe and Mail newspaper and CTV.

The poll, conducted after the leadership debates, in French on Monday and in English on Tuesday, gives 32 percent of the vote to the Conservatives and 29 percent to the Liberals. Source.

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Sunday June 26, 2004