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Jack Layton blames Martin for deaths
Prime Minister Paul Martin fended off blistering attacks on his record yesterday as his main rivals hammered him for endangering and even costing Canadians their lives. NDP Leader Jack Layton continued to blast the former finance minister for killing off the sick and homeless with drastic budget cuts.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said Layton's portrayal of Martin as a "killer" is over-the-top rhetoric. But he packed his own punch at the PM, insisting his delay in replacing the Sea Kings has endangered soldiers.

Reacting to Layton's accusation that he's personally responsible for deaths on the streets, Martin said it's a low blow that will fuel public cynicism and turn youth off politics.

"Under my term as finance minister, we put a great deal of money into housing and into funding to help the homeless, and we're going to continue to do that," Martin said in Vancouver. Source.

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Friday May 28, 2004