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Passing the torch
Sheila Copps is joining the list of MPS who won't be running in the next Federal Election.

The former Heritage Minister held back tears on Friday as she told the House of Commons she won't re-offer.

But the Hamilton Liberal MP says it's not a final good-bye, suggesting she could make a comeback.

“I turn the page today at peace…at peace that we have built a stronger Canada,” Copps told the House of Commons on what was likely its final day of sitting before an election call expected next week.

“Today I'd like to say goodbye, but not adieu,” she said in French.

There had been speculation Copps would consider running as an independent after being pushed out of her Hamilton east seat in a bitter nomination battle.

Other MPS not running again include Art Eggleton, Joe Clark, Elsie Wayne and Herb Dhaliwal. Source.

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Monday May 17, 2004