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The Liberals have their candidate
(From an Andrew Dreschel column) If the Ontario Liberals lose the Hamilton East byelection to the New Democrats, it will be a direct result of the central party poking its nose into the local nomination process.

By anointing Ralph Agostino, the Liberals carelessly cleared the way for Hamilton Councillor Andrea Horwath to enter the race for the NDP, setting the stage for what's going to be a hotter contest than they had foreseen.

Truth is, the Liberals confidently expected to be facing an NDP retread for the May 13 vote. Instead Horwath, who represents downtown's Ward 2, is arguably the strongest and most credible candidate the New Democrats could have fielded.

But she would still be watching from the sidelines if the Liberals hadn't elbowed aside her fellow city Councillor Bernie Morelli in favour of the younger brother of the late MPP Dominic Agostino. Source.

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Tuesday April 27, 2004