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The House of Commons "I dunno nothin'" Hearing
OTTAWA (CP) - The retired civil servant in the eye of the federal sponsorship hurricane is back in the nation's capital and, for now, keeping his counsel to himself.

Chuck Guite, a grizzled former air force loadmaster, has returned from an extended vacation in Arizona that kept him far from the growing storm over $250 million in controversial federal advertising the auditor general says was flagrantly abused. Yet a daily barrage of sometimes damning, sometimes opaque testimony has inexorably seemed to orbit Guite, a mid-level bureaucrat who administered the national unity endeavour.

Wednesday was no exception.

Marc LeFrancois, the fired president of Via Rail, pleaded innocence while telling a Commons committee he agreed to a highly irregular financing arrangement for a TV series on Rocket Richard only after the personal intervention of Guite.

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Thursday April 8, 2004