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Crowning the Successor to Dominic
Veteran city councillor Bernie Morelli is seeking the Liberal nomination in the upcoming byelection to replace deceased MPP Dominic Agostino.

Morelli threw his hat in the ring yesterday after first meeting with fellow east-end councillors Chad Collins and Sam Merulla to settle which of the three should put forward their name to succeed Agostino in Hamilton East, the riding he held since 1995.

The trio, longtime Liberals and friends of Agostino, decided over lunch that Morelli would be the best candidate based on experience and personal circumstances.

Agostino died a week ago today of liver cancer at age 44. He was buried Saturday.

"Obviously Dominic and I were very close personal friends and obviously, you may know, that I chaired his first campaign and obviously I've been involved with him throughout," said Morelli.

"Having known Dominic as long as I have, he would have wanted among ourselves to decide what would be the best approach to take so there would not be bloodshed in the process but rather co-operation, and to have a coronation as opposed to an assassination type of approach to politics," said Merulla. Source.

Thursday April 1, 2004