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Friday January 16, 2004
There was no disguising Jack Layton's glee yesterday as the NDP leader used his flirtation with left-wing Liberal stalwart Sheila Copps to tweak Prime Minister Paul Martin as too conservative for much of his own party. "You have somebody more conservative than (Tory) Brian Mulroney leading the Liberal party, (it) shouldn't even be allowed to be called the Liberal party any more," said Layton, eyes sparkling in anticipation of a fight.

By comparing Martin to Mulroney -- one of the least popular prime ministers in recent memory -- Layton waved a red flag at the prime minister's inner circle while issuing an "open invitation" to Liberals, left-leaning Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois supporters.

The NDP, he said, welcomes "people who believe that Paul Martin's conservative choices are taking the Liberal party and Canada in the wrong direction . . . it's a corporate drift away from Canadian values."

Copps, a former Liberal cabinet minister and two-time federal leadership contender, spoke Wednesday with Layton and later refused to rule out the possibility of switching to the New Democrats.

She's been embroiled in a bitter fight for the Liberal nomination in her Hamilton riding and is angry that Martin has refused to support her. Source.

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