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Mulroney ready to talk beef with the United States
Progressive Conservative Leader Peter MacKay has dressed up his latest idea for convincing the United States to open its border to Canadian beef by adding U.S.-friendly Brian Mulroney to the equation.

Mr. MacKay announced yesterday the former Conservative prime minister has agreed to serve as a special adviser and participate in an an all-party delegation that the new Tory leader has asked Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to lead to Washington to meet with President George W. Bush.

"We need results, and I think Mr. Mulroney is the person who can help achieve them," Mr. MacKay said.

Mr. MacKay argued Mr. Mulroney is a perfect fit for the mad cow challenge, given his successful track record in handling sensitive issues with the U.S. while he was in office, his history as a labour negotiator and his ties to the Bush administration.

Mr. Mulroney, who also is close to former president George Bush Sr. and his wife, Barbara, has been highly critical of what he sees as the erosion of Canada-U.S. relations under the Chrétien government. Source.

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Monday August 9, 2003